Audio track: Shiri Yakanaka


A Shona song as taught to Kate by Zimbabwean exiled musician Steve Makaya. This is a track from the cd we made in 2019, which was enabled by a grant from Stretton Focus.


The translation is read by the late Karen Webb, with current member Geoff Cardus.


introducing Harmony in the Hills


We have been making a video with film maker Robin Fellows-Weir, again generously funded by the Stretton Focus Award Scheme. We hope to give you a flavour of our rehearsal process and show you what the choir means to us. We're also grateful for the support of our venue, Mayfair.

Audio track: Firefly


This song was created during lockdown in memory of Hannah Pickles. The singers either recorded themselves on their phones, or Kate recorded their part at their homes on a field recorder with a 3m lead through a closed window, while standing in their gardens! In 2022 we had the privilege of singing it at Hannah's memorial party.